Jewels - Topaz Ceramic Wax Extreme SIO2 *LIMITED STOCK*

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A Lemon Scented ceramic wax with extreme beading, sheeting and protection. Unlike other ceramic waxes on the market, this is pleasant to use and extremely user friendly. 

A Pure ceramic (SiO2) system, which is fully dispersible during formulation and added into the wax. It then naturally forms a hard barrier when exposed to the air. Resulting in a hard, glossy finish.

This Special Blend Offers Unbelievable Gloss Levels whilst leaving the surface so slick, Water Sheets and Beads Superbly.

Add this to our bespoke resin systems, which offer a firm but flexible coating, incorporating a network of molecules which repel water and you have a combined system which forms a true ceramic infused surface coating – offering excellent gloss, water repellence and longevity of protection.

Durability will be at least 6 - 8 months on a well maintained vehicle